Brand Development

Greenwood Group’s skills and experience have expanded with the increasing needs of our clients including consumer shopper insights, brand marketing, brand management and distribution.

Our team manages all aspects of marketing, sales and distribution including market and product research, brand strategy, package engineering, the introduction of new products, pricing, consumer advertising and PR, trade advertising and point of sale merchandising.

Our experienced team understands the need to deliver maximum value for your budgets, in order to achieve the greatest exposure, increase your return on investment and deliver meaningful content.

International Brand Development

Our North American capabilities are well established but we also work with international partners to build business in more than 80 countries.

Launching brands internationally brings with it an enormous amount of detailed work in each country. Our team is experienced and skilled in targeting the right place and and platform from which to launch.


Conversely, international companies seeking to secure distribution in North America can turn to our resources to cover 25% of the world’s consumption of package goods.

Brand Fostering & Licensing

Brand Fostering offers an opportunity and solution for manufacturers to outsource brands and to select a company to take responsibility for the management and growth of the brand, while defending and maintaining ownership.

Leading companies within our industry are benefiting from outsourcing non-core brands, markets or business activities to Greenwood’s proven success model. Greenwood can: deliver optimal portfolio management, halt the decline of unfocused brands, give you the opportunity to inject new life into a brand , increase equity by driving value back into the brand, assist in the retention of listings and distribution with National Accounts, enable your internal S&M departments time to focus on core brands, maximize ROI by delivering the infrastructure for your business.

Results you should expect include an increased brand share, increased and retained brand listings, increased profitability and commercial value, a re-established and rejuvenated brand.

Total Brand Management

Launching new brands requires identification of the market opportunity and a plan to achieve your goals. Greenwood Group applies a structured approach, establishing the correct platform, backed by credentials & research, working with you on pricing, margins and support to achieve a successful launch and a sustained life cycle at retail.

Consumer Marketing & Industry Impact

As consumers find information more accessible and retail partners become more demanding, manufacturers are finding profitable growth increasingly hard to come by. At Greenwood Group, our team aims to generate increased demand by combining high level thinking, innovative strategies and flawless execution. Our team ensures that each brand realizes its full potential by ensuring each business is operationally effective to maximize all marketing efforts at both retail and consumer levels.

As consumers receive promotional messages from an increasing number of sources, our team focuses on the quality of brand communication and the effectiveness of various channels, while maximizing your budget. We leverage our collective buying power with our agency partners to ensure we execute the most effective campaigns that see your ROI. Offering a menu of services we will work with you to lay out and execute your campaign from our à la carte menu of services.

While traditional advertising media and packaging remain important, Greenwood is committed to establishing expertise in digital marketing, as it is uniquely placed to provide tailored messages and establish two-way relationships in a measurable and cost-effective manner.


We are committed to delivering results while maximizing our clients’ budgets and strategically executing campaigns.

We leverage our knowledge and partnerships to ensure our clients’ media budgets offer the best value, with creative messaging that is aligned with the brand’s core strategy.

On behalf of our clients and their business, our growing team provides full in-house marketing support and delivers:

  • Market intelligence and Industry Insights

  • Execution for both Regional and National campaign launches

  • Wide access to our proprietary network of partners including PR and advertising agencies, graphics designers and media buyers

  • In-house graphic design

Our marketing capabilities include:

  • Brand fostering arrangements

  • License agreements

  • Managing brands from overseas partners

  • Full scale national campaign launch

Our menu of services includes:

  • Envision and Goal Setting Session

  • Brand Evaluation & Marketing Audits

  • Graphic Design Services

  • Package Consultation and Development

  • Website Design & Management

  • Digital Capabilities & Social Media Outreach

  • Media Buying: Manage strategically placed buys & ensure all reach/frequency objectives are established and met or exceeded

    • Television Campaigns

    • Print Campaigns

    • National FSI Drops

    • Magazine Buying

    • Radio Campaigns

  • Trade Show Management

  • Trade Advertising Communications

We also offer non-traditional methods including:

  • Event Management

  • Coordination of Sponsorships

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Billboards

  • Guerilla Marketing

Field Sales & Overall Sales Management

Greenwood Group offers the best solutions for a variety of your selling needs. Our sales team spans the country with an extensive network of sales managers, sales reps and retailers, offering support for your business and brands. We recognize that every company is different and by understanding your business and being flexible, we can develop solutions that will get you the results you are looking for. Think of us as an extension to your business- and we’ll think of your brands as our own.

Greenwood can offer you a gateway to all trade channels: nationals, regionals, wholesalers, independents Convenience/C-Stores, health and natural food, dollar stores and others, managed directly by our in-house business managers.

Total Company Representation & Management

Greenwood provides management expertise and solutions to clients in the CPG world. We employ proven industry business managers who have a breadth of experience from leading companies and a strong understanding of our industry, as well as the trust and respect of our customers. You can bring that experience and skill to your effort by deploying Greenwood.

Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution

Greenwood offers warehousing, logistics and distribution as part of our menu of services handling all shipping, logistics and EDI support. We marry this service with a full back office capability to manage every transaction and complete the loop for your supply chain.

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